This function takes a list of variogram objects and calculates its number-weighted average variogram.

# S3 method for variogram



A variogram object or list of such objects to be averaged.


Additional variograms if specified individually.


Returns a variogram object which is a dataframe containing the lag, the semi-variance estimate at that lag, and the approximate degrees of freedom associated with the semi-variance estimate.


C. H. Fleming, J. M. Calabrese, T. Mueller, K.A. Olson, P. Leimgruber, W. F. Fagan, ``From fine-scale foraging to home ranges: A semi-variance approach to identifying movement modes across spatiotemporal scales'', The American Naturalist, 183:5, E154-E167 (2014).


J. M. Calabrese and C. H. Fleming


Variogram averaging should only be used when there is a degree of similarity across individual variograms.

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# \donttest{ # Load package and data library(ctmm) data(buffalo) # Calculate a list of variograms for all similar individuals in the dataset # the 4th buffalo has a different sampling rate SVFS <- lapply( buffalo[-4] , variogram ) # alternatively, we could variogram all at coarsest scale with variogram option dt # Calculate the average variogram SVF <- mean(SVFS) # Plot the mean variogram plot(SVF)
# }